Stationery and all things paper…

I have a little secret, well an addiction really. It’s stationery – all stationery! It’s always been there, a small notebook, a fancy pen, an embossed writing pad…. *swoon*

I’m trying to think when it started and I can pin it back to my early teen days. I made a friend whilst holidaying in Blackpool and we decided to write to each other (before common email/Facebook/Twitter!) I had to buy some writing paper and stumbled across some illuminous paper and matching envelopes! Vivid pink, yellow, orange and green! It actually hurt my eyes to write on it but I didn’t care! From that day on I was hooked! If I saw any sort of note paper it was mine! I continued to write to my friend for around 5 years until we slowly ground to a halt. My paper addiction wavered and other things were more important.

Let’s jump forward from the early 2000’s to now. Hello #postcircle! When I discovered #postcircle through Twitter it appealed to me immediately! I had loved writing letters and now it was back in fashion! My stationery addiction resurfaced with a huge bump! Before I was even assigned my group I practically ran into Paperchase whilst on holiday, leaving the children in the middle of Salisbury with hubs, and hugged the writing paper section. I bought paper with owls on it (who knew that existed?), paper with butterflies and a wonderful set which had a drawing of an old fashioned typewriter on it! (One of my dreams is to own a typewriter, but that’s a story for another time).

I thought I was set with that, but I was introduced to something much more powerful… Washi tape! Oh goodness I love washi tape! I even have a dedicated a Pinterest board to it! This small sticky tape covered in gorgeous patterns. My first washi tape came from Amazon! Red with white spots! Fab! My obsession has grown and I now have 20 tapes all different but equally as lovely! My #postcircle letters and envelopes do not leave this house without being adorned with tape! It has to stop really, I don’t have loads of money but at 99p for 3 tapes from The Works, I’m not harming anyone am I?!!

I was fortunate enough that my husband bought me a gorgeous antique writing desk a few years ago. It was used as a bit of a storage space but not now! It has paper and envelopes in the correct slots with my washi tapes filling the drawers. I sit at it to write my #postcircle letters and it absolutely fills me with joy!

So there you go! My addiction is out there! I’m not ashamed, if only one of my washi tape adorned letters makes one person smile, then my work is done!


Mrs Bash



10 thoughts on “Stationery and all things paper…

  1. D’you know what I am most impressed by? That you can hand write! I type so much these days that my hand feels all wobbly if I have to write anything by hand. That’s bad, right?
    PS I love typewriters too, but they chew up your fingers 😦


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